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    Interesting Lap Belt

    My DH had a 1972 Ford Truck fixed up and we are replacing the original lap belts with lap/shoulder belts. (This was an option in 1972 on the truck, it has the mount for the shoulder belt to bolt on.) I took some pictures because I have never seen, or don't remember using any seat belt set up...
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    Warning - Horrible Crash on I-65 in KY Such a sad story. Two children in child safety seats were the only survivors. The article contains pictures of 2 seats both look older (expired?). They apparently saved 2 children...
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    Question Questions on selling a couple of Marathons

    This is the first time I've looked into selling seats. I have 2 Marathons I'm looking at selling to fund a couple of new Radians. (My little guy needs some leg room and he is not getting any shorter or lighter :rolleyes:.) A couple of months ago my SIL asked me to let her know if I decided to...
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    It's been a good week in my car seat world!

    So I've been certified since April and I'd say 90% of the checks I have done were first time installs with expectant parents. Which I think is great, an early intervention/education, but a little boring for the car seat nerd in me. But, this week I have had a couple of big successes and you...
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    Buy a new seat or not... That IS the question.

    So yesterday I took my not-so little guy to the doc for his 18 month check-up. He weighed in at 29 pounds (clothed) and was 35 inches tall, so above the 97th %tile for height and between 75th and 90th for weight. That's been his trend since birth. His seated shoulder height is about 13...
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    Help... What seat does she have?

    We were on vacation this weekend and stopped to visit my SIL. She asked me to look at her girls' car seats. Of course I didn't have my tech stuff with me, so I just peeked in the car and told her I would try to find a local tech for her. The baby, 11 months, RF is using a handed down...
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    Your thoughts on conversion vans...

    We are going on a trip with my parents and have been planning on flying then renting a car. But last night my mom suggested it would be cheaper to just drive the 8 hours in their van. They have a 1996 Ford full size conversion van. I have not had the chance to look at the seat belts in the...
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    Motion sickness

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this... Last week we went on vacation, 2 flights on the way there, a rental car and 2 flights on the way home. I bought a Scenera to travel with so we didn't have to lug a Marathon through the airports. DS is 13 months, 23ish pounds and is...
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    Scenera- RF Plane Install

    Anyone have advice on a RF Scenera install on a plane? I know in most vehicles I need a noodle to get a decent recline. Will I need it on the plane too? Any other tips? THANKS!!!
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    My 1st little success story...

    I have spent hours researching and reading about car seats in the last year, yet I usually don't say much on the topic in fear of offending someone or looking like an over-protective 1st time mom. But, yesterday I was talking to some ladies and car seats came up. I mentioned that I'm a little...
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    Sitter using an OLD T SHIELD

    When picking up my DS at the sitters this afternoon we were chit-chatting and she mentioned that she only had 3 kids the other day and took them grocery shopping. She had 2 brothers, about 9 mo and 2.5 yo and another child 3-4 yo and mentioned putting them in car seats. It all sounded fine...
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    Vent RF Marathon and issues with passanger seat

    Hello! I am happy to have found this board as I have become a car seat nut since having my son almost a year ago. We have a marathon installed in DH's car, a 01 Nissan Altima. It was a struggle to get it to fit since DH is over 6' tall and drives with the seat all the way back and reclined...

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