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    Question Need clarification regarding LATCH on scenera

    So every time I look into friends cars I look at their cars eat usage. I am pretty sure I am correct but is there one set of nondedicated latch straps and is the rear facing latch path the same as the seat belt install and then the forward facing seatbelt install the same place the latch strap...
  2. 4boysmom

    carseat covers

    I have a bunch of car seat covers I am looking to sell. I can try and take pictures if someone is interested and I am having a hard time finding stock pictures so for now I will just describe. From my own seats after needing replacement after accident had been bought fairly recently in some...
  3. 4boysmom

    Sensory defensive (?) 3yo on school bus help

    So my little one (3yo) started special ed school this morning and I rode with him on the bus there and back. A few days ago I remembered that he often tries to catch himself (startles) when we put him in his rearfacing seat and that he has a hard time with stairs and such and that sitting on the...
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    Question Radian or Mysize70 in taxi??

    I have to take a taxi into the next town in a bit. Which seat do you think would work best for a 30ish pound near 3 yo.? Currently rfing but may need to ff I suppose if rfing is not going to work/will take a long long time to get in rfing vs ffing. Anyone have any experience offhand to know if I...
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    Washing straps with "a bit of pinesol and water"

    Kosher or no? I am thinking not but I know there are some that say you can use more than "just water" but I can't recall what some of the other "approved"s might be and at what ratios. A FB friend washed her covers... and straps with "a little bit of pinesol and water" and I don't want to state...
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    Item not as described at amazon

    So I bought this: Reach Phineas and Ferb Toothbrush (Pack of 4): Sports & Outdoors while it was still on "preorder" and thus no photograph. As you can see this is the description: "Product Description What do they wanna do today? Well, their teeth will be clean for whatever...
  7. 4boysmom

    Kids left in cars...

    This is meant to be a thought provoking PSA on all the places a baby might be left in the car. That it doesn't just happen in work parking lots or the supermarket or mall. Yesterday we decided to go to the 11 am church service instead of the 9 am one and at a church we'd only been to once...
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    Is there such a thing as a ffing seat that...

    uses the belt path under the kiddos butt? My kiddo started a new school 3 weeks ago and a few days ago I saw what looked like an old carseat (a blue/gray checked drapery looking textured fabric, like late 90's early 2000's Cosco thing) with a 3 or 4 yo using it. Kiddo may very well be over the...
  9. 4boysmom

    Oh the irony

    I went to Walmart to get a Harmony backless for my 9yo as I think he's outgrown his compass booster. They only had pink and grey ones, like 10 of them. Then I thought 'wait maybe I can buy online'. I checked and here is the irony...
  10. 4boysmom

    Replace or no?

    We were stopped at a stop light when we were rearended. There was definately a "impact" imo but when we pulled over to access damages the bumper of our 2002 Oddy just suffered 2 star punch marks from the guys license plate. No other visual damage on either his or our parts. Seats involved were...
  11. 4boysmom

    Aaack, help for a friend!

    Ran across this fb post: "we got a carseat safely installed in the pickup so Daddy and the Girl can go on an Adventure! :D We couldn't use the seatbelt because it was non-locking retractable on both the shoulder and the waist! So we made our own LATCH connection by bolting a hook through the...
  12. 4boysmom

    3 across in 02 Ody

    Trying not to be the overbearing know it all wife and having a colicy 4 mo and 4 other kids and no one to watch them I let my dh do the carseat shuffle in the Ody we were looking at buying and he figured out that while seemingly annoying that a 3 across using 2 pwsg's and a radian was possible...
  13. 4boysmom

    cocoro vs flex loc

    We are starting to hate the flex loc for ds. How does the cocorro compare dimesionswise? front to back and width?
  14. 4boysmom

    What determines locked vs. deleted

    or are they the same? I was reading the nut free thread :whistle: and only was able to get to page 3 of 6 before I was locked out. I am assuming the thread was deleted (vs just locked so nothing could be added to it) as I was reading it. I was a little bummed I couldn't read-only it. At least...
  15. 4boysmom

    Radian padding

    I think I am going to have an anyersym... my 3 yo has outgrown the Radian RFing by weight in a three across (with two pwsg's). It will not go forward facing with the parkways and we have gotten no other acceptable 3 acrosses etc. (going to store and trying out several brand based on current and...

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