Carseat Swap, Swap-O-Rama and our other swap forums are provided for our community members to buy, sell and trade their personally used car seats and other items. These include child restraints, strollers, travel systems, kids gear, baby clothing, cloth diapers, games, electronics and almost anything else! There are restrictions to post new classified listings that may vary by forum.

Only Senior Community Members, Technical Professionals and any member with a paid subscription may submit new for sale or trade listings in the main Carseat Swap (Carseats and CPS related) forum and the Canada Swap subforum. If you do not wish to subscribe, free access is given to Child Passenger Safety Technicians who have requested access and to Senior Community Members (those Community Members who have been registered for 1 year, have 300 posts and 150 reputation points). No exceptions will be made. Anything resembling a for sale, for trade, in search of or price check post outside of the swap forums will be edited or removed at the discretion of the moderators. Any other attempts to circumvent swap posting requirements, such as posting on behalf of another person who does not meet the requirements or replying to an existing swap post with your own similar item ("piggybacking"), will also be removed. These forums are intended for personal items and should not be used for retail or other home based sales of any kind. In fairness to our sponsors, advertising of any type for a home based business, small business, retail store or other corporate entity requires a forum sponsorship.

All Community Members (14 days registered, 10 posts, 7 reputation points) may now post new threads in the Swap-O-Rama (items not carseat related) and ISO/PC (In Search Of and Price Check) subforums. Sales are discouraged in the new ISO/PC forum, and threads there will not be eligible for iTrader or Problem Swapper feedback. Wanted/ISO listings may be posted in this forum at your own risk. Buyers should beware of anyone attempting to sell or trade an item using the ISO/PC forum.

All registered and approved members are allowed to post replies to inquire about For Sale items in the Swap forums, but you must have Community Member access to post in the ISO/PC forum, where selling items is discouraged. You may also contact the original poster of a For Sale or Wanted posting via Private Message.

Car-Seat.Org, its owners, moderators and administrators will not be responsible for any sale or trade issues. Much like Craigslist, there is no degree of buyer or seller protection here, so Car-Seat.Org assumes no risk or liability for any exchange or transaction made through the Carseat Swap forum. The Swap forum is intended merely as a convenience to Car-Seat.Org members and is not promoted as anything additional in terms of the safety of the products or reputation of buyers/sellers. The iTrader Feedback system found in the Feedback tab of a member profile cannot guarantee a good transaction, it is only for reference. We highly suggest using methods such as ebay, Paypal, an escrow service or credit card for your transactions, as no type of guarantee, insurance or protection is offered or implied by Car-Seat.Org in regard to private transactions made through Swap, private messages or elsewhere on our websites.

Car-Seat.Org recommends that PayPal payments be clearly marked as "for goods and services" and not sent as "gifts". Sending payments as "goods and services" provides Buyer Protection for the buyer (protection against undelivered items and against items that are Significantly Not As Described) and Seller Protection for the seller (protection against false claims of undelivered items and protection against fraudulent credit-card chargebacks). Please see the PayPal Terms of Service for more information on Buyer and Seller Protection.

It is against PayPal's Terms of Service for the seller to ask the buyer to send payments as a gift or to ask the buyer to directly cover fees; of course, the seller may set her or his selling price high enough to cover expenses such as PayPal fees and shipping costs. It is unethical to try to bypass PayPal fees by sending payments as "gifts", and if a seller is willing to defraud PayPal that may be indicative of a less-than-stellar business ethic.

The Swap forums are for personal items only, business/commercial postings are prohibited. All new threads are subject to review by moderators, so they may not appear immediately. Please read the "Important" sticky thread for more information on Swap guidelines and also our general advertising policy. Thank you!


I would like to re-iterate that Swap is intended for listing small quantities of personally used items to sell or trade with other members. Listing large numbers of items, especially items that are new or those which vary widely in type, is generally considered to be beyond the intent of Swap and Swap-O-Rama. Swap is not a place to conduct a home resale business or to list large numbers of items for sale. To be fair to our sponsors and other members who would all like to do mass listings on Swap, such use is limited to sponsors within their own sub-forums.

For example, posting an occasional new item for sale has never been a problem, neither has posting a list of many used clothing items that your child no longer uses. Similarly, some people are active in one or more specific areas of interest, such as cloth diapers or strollers and frequently trade those particular items. This type of activity is not an issue and is generally encouraged.

On the other hand, moderators will, at their discretion, opt not to approve posts that appear to go beyond the intent of Swap and Swap-O-Rama. Routinely posting multiple threads a day with multiple items would be a clear indicator of such activity, especially with items that appear in any way to be items not used personally. Ongoing listings of new items or items that appear to be part of a resale operation may also be removed. Please consider a forum sponsorship and the use of a sponsor sub-forum for this type of activity.

Thank you for keeping Swap a successful place for our members to exchange items! Overall, Swap has facilitated quite a large number of item sales and trades with relatively few problems. As always, please feel free to report any unusual listings or problems with transactions. While Car-Seat.Org does not generally become involved in transactions for any reason, we do keep a record of complaints and ultimately may remove swap access for those who have ongoing issues in Swap