This forum is for original, member-written articles on topics relating to child passenger safety and vehicle safety. These articles should not be news releases, product announcements or other material that is not original, though references or links to such information within the article is acceptable. These posts will be moderated and it may take several days or more before they appear to the public on the website. If changes are required, the poster may be asked to post the article again after an update is made. Minor edits for format, spelling and grammar may be made without notification. For these reasons, we highly encourage authors to save their work locally in a word processor or other format. Please do not compose your article using the forum post utility as it may be lost. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST ARTICLES SO PLEASE SAVE YOUR WORK!

Replies to articles may be made, but will also be moderated. Replies should be limited to discussion of the content of the original article, additional articles on the same topic or articles of a similar nature by the same author. Replies should not be general questions that could be posted on our other forums. If your reply does not appear after a few days, it is likely that it was not approved and you may post it on another forum instead. You may or may not be notified of a reply that was not approved or one that was moved to a different forum.

Any registered user may submit an article, though posting of all articles is at the discretion of the moderators and administrators. Articles with obvious commercial intent will not be allowed. Articles do not have to be unique. You may discuss the same topic as a previous article, either as a reply to the other post or as a new thread. Users who are SAFE KIDS USA certified child passenger safety technicians or have other relevant credentials should state their certificaiton(s) in the article.

Articles should have detailed information for parents and should be focused on a particular topic. Though links to a other relevant websites are permitted, the article should have enough content to stand alone without outside links. Articles that are primarily general information or a collection of links to other websites will not be approved. The intent is to have a collection of articles on specific topics and questions that are frequently asked by parents visiting the Car-Seat.Org forums. Users may then refer the parents to the article in this forum as part of their response.

Just a few examples of articles might include:

Benefits of Rear Facing
Benefits of a 5-point Harness
Installation issues with a specific vehicle
Common questions about a specific carseat
"Favorite" lists of specific vehicles or carseats
When a child can use an adult seatbelt
Aftermarket Products
Airline travel Dos and Donts
Common CPS Abbreviations
Frequently Asked Questions on a topic

These are just a few possible examples of the types of articles that are encouraged. Please make sure to proofread and spellcheck your articles before posting them. Make sure they are written clearly for parents who may not have much experience with these topics. Articles that are extremely opinionated/biased for or against a paritcular model or brand may or may not be appoved unless sufficient justification is given.

Many advocates frequently refer to a list of favorite carseats and vehicles in a specific class; infant, booster, SUVs, minivans, etc. They often use such lists to give product recommendations to parents asking for suggestions. Regular users may submit a list of their recommended models in particular categories as an article so that they can refer to it in responses. Such lists may contain product suggestions and should have significant detail about the recommendations. They may also include links to the manufacturers' websites in addition to other comments supporting the recommendation. Please try to be as objective as possible when creating such lists. New or relatively inactive users will generally not be allowed to submit such lists as an article in this forum.

Once submitted and approved, the articles will become public and indexed by various search engines. By submitting an article, the authors give Car-Seat.Org permission to use the article on the Car-Seat.Org forums and website, just as any post in our other forums. Articles will be changed, updated or deleted upon request from the original author via Private Message or email matching that of the original post. Such requests can take up to a few days to accomplish after the request is made to a moderator or administrator. As this can be a time consuming process, please make sure your article is complete, spellchecked and proofread before submitting it for publication in this forum.

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