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CAR SEATS - General Child Safety Seat Questions, Help and Advice>TA retrofit for 98 Nissan Pathfinder
ketchupqueen 11:34 AM 01-17-2009
Can someone give me the relevant information? Where do the tethers go, how many can be put in, how much will it cost, part number if necessary? Thanks!

Judi 11:44 AM 01-17-2009

3- 8MM weld nuts under carpet in rear cargo area

Cost is about $15
ketchupqueen 11:48 AM 01-17-2009
Does it say (or do you know) where in the rear area the nuts are? And will the anchors come with instructions on how to install or how to find the correct place? (They really probably can't afford to have them installed for them.)

Although if it's really complicated we may just send the money to get it done by the dealer.
Judi 11:56 AM 01-17-2009
Well, it says.

The bracket is in the kit, the bolt is usually pre-installed in the anchor point (8mm weld nut). If not, purchase the correct-size bolt separately from the dealer. There is no part number for the bolt, but the exact size is specified in the owner's manual. Nissan uses 8mm weld nuts and 8mm X 1.25 bolts in most of its vehicles.

So, I would say, look for a bolt. I have not done tethers in one of those yet.
ketchupqueen 12:01 PM 01-17-2009
Thanks so much. That sounds easy enough to do that I think my cousin can do it himself. Will it say in the manual where exactly they are, like with a picture? (I'm guessing probably.) I think I'll front them the $$ to get 3 so they can play around with seats and put the FF kiddo wherever they want to.
Judi 12:03 PM 01-17-2009
I did one in a Subaru. It was fairly easy. I found the point, and just screwed everything in. The instructions will explain everything.
ketchupqueen 12:33 PM 01-17-2009
Perfect, thanks!

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