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CAR SEATS - General Child Safety Seat Questions, Help and Advice>Need help reinstalling my car seat!!!
Unregistered 08:29 PM 10-29-2008
Hi Everyone

I am so glad I found this website because I could really use your help. I seem to have misplaced my manual for my cosco alpha omega car seat. I have review the height and wieght on the side for the child and it appears that my child is right at the borderline for rear facing (at only 9 mons!!) and I need to turn her around to face forward. I wanted to wait until a year but since my child is growing like a weed I guess that is not going to happen.

I have a basic idea on how it should hook up but I am not sure as to the angle it should be at and whether the base should be on or removed?

Can anyone please help me. I have a 4 and a half hour drive with her on Tuesday and would like to have her properly in the vehicle before I go.

Thanks a ton!!!


valleyfam 10:10 PM 10-29-2008
Just trying to bump your post up so it will be seen by others. I am not familiar with your particular seat but want you to know your child can not forward face yet. The bare minimum to ff is 1 year and 20 lbs although it really is safer to rear face until the maximum constraints of your seat which is now 35 lbs on many newer seats. I'll let some techs advice you on your specific seat and situation.
Starlight 10:13 PM 10-29-2008
The AO doesn't allow FF until 34 inches - I can't imagine a 9 mo old being this big yet! So, you'll have to keep her RF, which is safer anyway. How much does she weigh?
mimieliza 10:19 PM 10-29-2008
Has your little one has outgrown the stated height limit, or weight limit? In general, the height limits are a guideline. Your child can continue to use the seat rear-facing as long as there is at least one inch of shell above her head, and she is under the weight limit, which I think is 35 lbs. for your seat (check your manual to be sure).

Like the previous poster stated, one year and 20 lbs. is the absolute minimum at which you can turn a baby forward facing, but it is best to stay rear-facing up to the limits of the seat.

So you may not have to turn her right now, anyway!
Nisha 10:22 PM 10-29-2008
Just wanted to add I'm pretty sure the minumum weight is 22 lbs for forward facing on that seat. (and 34" as starlight said) - as well as 1 year as stated on the lable on the seat.
amyg530 10:22 PM 10-29-2008
how much does she weigh? the seat you have *should* RF to 35# based on the name you gave. sometimes the wording on the sides of the seats can be weird. often one side says they can *only* ride rear facing to 20# but what they mean is that they *cant* ride FF before then, usually on the other side it'll say that the seat can RF to 30/33/35#. double check the stickers and feel free to post pictures if you need help. also 1yr is the MINIUM for FF. its actually 5 times safer to have them RF at least till they're 2.
Kat_Momof3 07:24 PM 10-30-2008
I agree... that would be one MASSIVE 9mo old.

Not unheard of for 1yr olds, but it's rare. For a 9mo old... just almost impossible.

how much does baby weigh??
NannyMom 08:21 PM 10-30-2008
Perhaps you read a sticker on the side that says "this seat can only be used rear facing for children under 20 (or 22?) pounds". That is a tricky warning that confuses many people. All it really means is the seat can not be used forward facing for babies under 20 (or 22) pounds. There should be more info on that sticker (or another sticker) that says the seat can be used rear facing until 30, 33, or 35 pounds (my guess is 35).

Also, you can call the company and get another manual, usually free.

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