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CAR SEATS - General Child Safety Seat Questions, Help and Advice>Regent in Grand Prix, install tips needed!!
barnmama25 09:51 PM 09-25-2008
I just received my Regent today and I installed it in my '05 GPGT. My son is over 40lbs so therefore I tried installing it with the seat belt with the short belt path. I am having the worst time getting it in there tight! It seams so loose when I pull all the slack i can get out of the belt. Is the recline boot really nessacary? It seams to be catching the seat belt when i try and get extra slack out. Why wouldnt it still be safe to use the long belt path for kids over 40 pounds? Doesnt that pattern hold more of the car seat? Also is the recline bar click into the back of the seat? or does it just rest there? So for the time being I have it installed with the LATCH since the owners manual says nothing of LATCH weights and Britax says if they do not refer to them in the manual assume they are 48lbs, then thats what I am doing, but this will more than likely need to be switched back to seat belt within the next couple months because he is growing very quickly and becoming quite the little brute. Any SBP seat belt install tips for a GPGT are much appreciated! Thanks!

J-max 01:30 AM 09-26-2008
The regent can be tough to install. The trick I had to use in my 08 suburban, is to buckle it, lock the seat belt and get as tight as I can, then unbuckle and let in click back in 1 or 2 clicks and rebuckle - you may need a second person to help you do this. you can also twist the buckle stalk up to 3 full turns.

You do have to use the recline bar (assuming it is a newer regent) and the correct belt path for the weight.

barnmama25 10:41 AM 09-26-2008
I know I have to use them, but does anybody know why they are required? I'm also bummed the DOM is 1/2008!!

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