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Melanie 05:04 PM 08-31-2007
I'm very torn between the Pilot and the Odessey (sp?).

A concern is having 2 car seats in the middle row and still getting to the third row. I'd like to put them side by side on the "60" part of the seat and still flip the "40" part to get to the back.

Do any of you Pilot owners have car seats in this configuration?

I'd have a Boulevard and a Roundabout, then later a Boulevard and other similar seat...maybe the Radian or Recardo if they'd fit.

Any other likes/dislikes with the vehicle?

UlrikeDG 09:33 PM 08-31-2007
I had two Marathons and a Roundabout in the 2003 Pilot for quite a while. I found that with a RA and a MA installed on the 60 part of the split, it was difficult or impossible to flip the 40 part forward to access the 3rd row. There was just a little too much overlap from the center seat.

The Odyssey also has a LOT more cargo room, as well as a lot more leg room in the 3rd row.

Oh, and if you're checking out the Pilot and the Ody, be sure to test drive the Sienna. They're in the same class, and you may find that you like the Sienna even better (that would have been my first choice, actually, but my local Toyota dealer sucks).
Guest 03:01 AM 09-02-2007
Sienna uses premium (mom has one). I don't believe the Oddy does. I prefer the Oddy, altho the Sienna is very good as well. IMO, just choose btw those two and forget the rest cuz they're crap to put it bluntly.
NancyPS 01:33 AM 09-04-2007
I have had 4 carseats installed in my 2003 Honda Pilot several times (2 Britax Marathons and 2 booster seats), but I have not had both Britax Marathons next to each other yet. Since we purchased the vehicle we have had a rear facing Britax Marathon in the center of the center seat, and another Britax Marathon in the rear seat on the passenger side. We permanently keep the middle row passenger seat folded down. When our third child came along, our oldest was over 4 years old and we moved her to a Britax Parkway booster in the back seat on the drivers side. I then would sit next to the baby when DH drove...

That baby is now 2 (still rear facing as she is only 23 lbs), and the oldest is 6 1/2 and sits in her Britax booster in the middle row behind the driver. My middle daughter who is now 4 1/2 is in the Britax in back, but sometimes is in a booster in the back row behind the driver when I babysit another child who needs the carseat.

I have thought of putting all three on the same row, but it seams too crowded.

I did find that a Britax Marathon does not fit well on the third row behind the driver or middle seat as the seat leaves no leg room and the child's legs are forced over the back of the seat in front of them. I am not sure if other seats with shorter bases would fit better as we have not tried them... When we need an extra seat we put a booster back in the back row and it fits well.

I also tried to fit three seats in the back row once, and it would not work as there was room for the seat bases, but not room to buckle them... Perhaps seats with narrower bases would work?
Melanie 10:03 AM 09-04-2007
thanks for all the info!

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