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twinsandanother 02:17 PM 04-22-2012
We have a 2006 Jetta. We have twins that are 2 yr 3 months. They are >30 lb each...solid, but technically still average...they are in Britax roundabouts (forward facing) that we LOVE. They are spacious and comfortable. We are expecting baby #3 in 3 months. Our infant car seat is a graco (not sure which one, but i can post that later). Even though there are 3 LATCH spots, the 2 britax are too large to fit a graco inbetween in the back of a jetta. What are our options...we are more willing to purchase 2 new car seats for the twins being that car seats are used longer than just an infant car seat. Is Sunshine (now Diono) the only brand that will do this...if so, all Sunshines or specific ones? Any other brands?

Suzibeck 07:32 PM 04-22-2012
We have a 2003 Jetta and our old Sunshine Kids Radian installs super easy with either LATCH or seatbelt. When I need to do 3 across, I use the seatbelt to install as it gives me a bit more room. Clek is coming out soon with the Foonf which is supposed to also be good for tight 3 across spaces.

ETA: It is my understanding that all of the Diono Radians have the same footprint so any of the Radian line would be fine.
Phineasmama 07:41 PM 04-22-2012
You might be able to get away with buying one Diono seat, put that in the middle and one of the Britax seats right next to it on the outside- they puzzle together nicely if they're facing the same direction.
If that doesn't work you'll need 2 radians instead of just one. Then your Graco seat might still not fit- unless it's a Snugride 30 with the square/narrower base and not the flared out one. If it doesn't work you might as well sell some of your seats on craigslist and buy a new infant seat as well.

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