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armyfam 02:51 AM 04-17-2011
We will be moving back to the US from Korea. We are planning on shipping back our Kia Sedona about 6 weeks early so that it will hopefully be in the US when we fly in. We are going to ship my girls seats(2 EFTA and Monterey) in the van.

So- for about 6 weeks- we will be using DH's 1995 Hyundai Sonata. It is made in Korea and does not have latch or tether. It also has an odd back seat that kinda curves on the side hugging the riders butt. There are shoulder belts outboard and lapbelt in the center.

I have 3 kids-ages 9, 4 and 1.
DD3(1) will be riding in her extra seat(onboard air)
I was thinking about putting DD1(9) in a lbb
What should I get for DD2?
I was thinking either Radian or Complete Air?
Can I fit 3 across in that type of car?
I guess the Onboard in the middle with the other 2 seats on the side?

I will have to order online and it will be a pain to have something shipped here and it not fit.

2nd question-
When we get back to the US- DH's car is a 2004 Corolla. I was going to use the girls extra seats in his car. They won't ride with him very often but I would like to have something in his car if needed.

Will a Radian or Complete Air fit with a lbb and possibly high back turbo in a Corolla?

I was thinking I could put DD1 in LB-DD2 in the HB turbo- and DD3 in the Radian or Complete Air.

Any ideas? Thanks!

armyfam 08:41 AM 04-17-2011
Sorry-dd3 seat is an onboard 35 infant seat. On my touch and don't know how to edit he original post
bobandjess99 12:18 PM 04-17-2011
The sonata is a nightmare for 3 across, because of those curvy in butt thingys you talked about. they literally shave like a foot of your usable space. I was *never* able to achieve ANY 3-across with an infant seat. I did achieve a few 3-acrosses with very specific seats, and they all required the use of a RF titan in the middle, because the base part is only 10 inches, so narrower by far than even a radian.

I think, as long as you can install it, that a FF radian, RF titan , TB would fit. I was able to get frontier, RF titan, TB. ONLY because the curvature of the frontier matches the curvature of the butt thingys, so it helped turn unusable space into usable space. I think you'll have to just try and see what works though.
StPaulMom 12:46 PM 04-17-2011
I have a Sonata and yes, it's a nightmare

Since you do not have top tethers and there is only a lap belt in the center, you are going to have to put a harnessed seat in the center.

Do the side positions have head rests? If so, then I would look into a lowback booster for your 9 year old- the Harmony Lite Rider or the BubbleBum will work for sure. However, if there isnt adequate head rest for your 9 year old in a backless booster, then I'd get the Graco TurboBooster (high back).

The old style Britax Marathon would work in the center because it has a raised base to puzzle with other lower profile seats next to it. You may or may not be able to get a good installation with the Radian or Complete Air because they tend to be iffy when installed with the seat belt in the Sonata. But, and both of these seats are very low and make it very difficult to fit anything right next to it. I *think* the Evenflo Maestro would puzzle FF next to a RF old style Britax.

So my advice would be:
FF Maestro, RF Classic Britax, booster
pippi2077 01:59 PM 04-17-2011
What about a saferider vest for the 4y? Its a wearable 5-point. You must use a lap/shoulder belt or lap belt/tether. So you could put him outboard. Its only as wide as the kid.

Stefanie - CPStech in Iowa
armyfam 05:32 PM 04-17-2011
Could I do the safe rider vest outboard for dd2, lbb booster for dd1 outboard and our onboard 35 in the middle? Maybe complete air or radian in the middle?
How hard is it to use he safe rider vest correctly? Could I use it as a backup "seat" when we get back to the US in our corolla?
Do you know which online stores have a good return Policy?

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