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Car and Vehicle Safety>UGH Frustrated about Sienna......
carseatmom 11:38 PM 09-13-2003
Well we found out today that it could be a good 6+ months before we could get the 04 Sienna we want. There is a extreamly high demand for them in this area right now, and the dealer has 8 on order and 6 of them are already sold. The other 2 are base models. Big kicker is they won't even be here before x-mas!

So I gave up on having one for now, and we went and bought an 04 Odyessy LOL. We really needed the 60/40 split bench the Sienna has, but we can make due with the Odyessy by removing a bucket seat when we travel and putting our dog creates in that position and securing them. For the most part we really really like it.

Things I don't like are the fact that there is no LATCH in the back row, and only 1 tether anchor in the center position on the back row. That mean's I either don't tether my DS's MA when he has to ride back there, or put him next to his 6yr old sister and they just might kill each other on a 4+ hour trip!!!

Darren do you know if you can install another tether anchor in the rear seating positions?

Ok I'm done venting a bit lol!

CPSDarren 08:14 AM 09-14-2003
Check it out, photo gallery and all:


Order the anchor kits from handaaccessories.com, hparts.com or hondaparts4you.com and save some $$$. The install is easy.

Congrats on the new van! I didn't know the 2004 Odysseys were on the lots already. Please let me know if the tether arrangement varies at all from what I list for 2001-2003. Thanks!
joolsplus3 10:38 AM 09-14-2003
*sounds* the same as my 2003, anyway. Kim (safeinthecar) told me to get assertive and go have the dealer add the outboard tether anchors for free....but DH did all the wheelin'-dealin' on it, and I didn't want to make waves after that. The same dealer only charged me $9 each for anchors a few months ago for my CR-V, though, so I might just remind them of that.

Annnywaaay...sounds like a good solution, to take the captain's chair out and make it the dog crate place....maybe you could rig up some ratchet straps to the big metal seat-holding bars to really keep it in place?

Hope you enjoy your new Ody! We LOVE ours!!!!

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