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Carseat Chat>Win a Britax Frontier 85! Read Our Review! Sponsored by Kids-N-Cribs.com
CPSDarren 11:33 AM 03-09-2010
Kids-N-Cribs.Com, Britax and Car-Seat.Org have teamed to give away one Britax Frontier 85 in Rushmore to a lucky contest winner! Our review of the Frontier 85 can be found at CarseatBlog. It's a very nice combination child restraint!

  1. First, please visit the Kids-N-Cribs.com Facebook page and become a fan, then leave a comment on the contest thread! One entry per Facebook member. You must be a fan at the time of the drawing and leave a comment on the "Car-Seat.Org Britax Frontier 85 Give Away Contest" to enter this way!
  2. The second way to enter is to be a fan of the Car-Seat.Org Facebook page and then leave a comment on the contest thread! One entry per Facebook member. You must be a fan at the time of the drawing and leave a comment on the "Enter our @CarSeatBlog @Britax Frontier 85 Giveaway" thread for another entry!
  3. Not on Facebook? No worries! The third way to enter is to reply to this thread as a registered member. Please only one member account per household may reply to this thread!

The winner will be selected at random by Kids-N-Cribs.com from eligible entries at both Facebook pages and members who reply to this thread! So, if you have entered at all three places, you get 3 chances to win! The drawing will be held sometime on March 31st, so be sure to get your entries in before then! The winner should be announced by April 1st or shortly thereafter (no fooling!).

All Car-Seat.Org members and Facebook fans are eligible unless you are me or an employee of Kids-N-Cribs.com. Shipping is to the USA only, sorry! Winner may be required to pay shipping charges if they live in Alaska, Hawaii or territories outside the 48 contiguous United States. Shipping may be delayed if there is a delay in receiving the Frontier 85 from Britax.

We reserve the right to deem any entry as ineligible for any reason, though this would normally only be done in the case of a violation of the spirit of the rules above. We also reserve the right to edit/update the rules if necessary (including, but not limited to, eligibility and how to enter). If a winner is deemed ineligible based on shipping restrictions, other issues or does not respond to accept the prize within 1 week, a new winner will be selected. Good luck!

Please feel free to share on your blogs, webpages, Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else you visit online!

While the giveaway Frontier 85 is in the Rushmore fabric, you can take a look at all the colors at these pages!

Britax Frontier 85 Rushmore - Britax Frontier 85 Red Rock - Britax Frontier 85 Pink Sky - Britax Frontier 85 Canyon

Thank you very much to Kids-N-Cribs.com, a Premier Sponsor of Car-Seat.Org and a sponsor of the Carseat Chat sub forum! Please check out their online store and their own sub forum for specials and information!

NVMBR02 11:38 AM 03-09-2010

I would soooo love to win!!
armywife12 11:38 AM 03-09-2010
I'm so impressed by this seat! Yay for giveaways
Michi 11:38 AM 03-09-2010
Count me in, please!
Genevieve 11:39 AM 03-09-2010
We love to have the new Frontier 85!
macmomma 11:40 AM 03-09-2010
Oh boy would I LOVE to win one of those!
carseatcoach 11:40 AM 03-09-2010
I don't have Facebook so please consider this my one entry.
autumnlily 11:40 AM 03-09-2010
As Fancy Nancy would say, "Oh la la"!

This is great!
Victorious4 11:40 AM 03-09-2010
Oooh, pick me & help my friend a single mother of 4
mom2juliarose 11:40 AM 03-09-2010
I would love to win a Frontier 85!!
Holly 11:42 AM 03-09-2010
I'd love to win that! We're going to have a 2nd car in a few months!
Simplysomething 11:42 AM 03-09-2010
I am commenting here. Because I can't comment there (won't let me). Hi!
Babywearing Meghan 11:42 AM 03-09-2010
entering here!!

I wish that they had the frontier 85 back when i purchased Fiona her frontier, I love the extra height on this seat! I would have chosen the 85 over the 80 for sure!

I have a friend who is about to get a booster for her 4 year old cause she outgrew her harness, she doesn't want to, she wants to keep her harnessed, but she can't afford more than a turbo booster for her.. hmm if I won this...hmmm maybe she could keep her daughter harnessed!!!!
NVMBR02 11:43 AM 03-09-2010
Originally Posted by Simplysomething:
I am commenting here. Because I can't comment there (won't let me). Hi!
It didn't let me either at first, but the 3rd try I was able to comment on facebook. It kept telling me I wasn't allowed to comment or something/
mamakc 11:43 AM 03-09-2010
I would love to win one. I'm confused. Do we pick one of those three ways to enter or can we enter all three ways?
CrabbyBunchX3 11:44 AM 03-09-2010
excellent giveaway!
J-max 11:45 AM 03-09-2010
WOW! You guys are awesome!!

I would love to win this (then I would not have to justify why we need 1 more carseat!)
CPSDarren 11:47 AM 03-09-2010
You do need to be a fan of our Facebook page to leave a comment. If it doesn't work, please keep trying! I have no control over technical issues there, unfortunately:-( The contest entry thread will be up very soon on the Kids-N-Cribs Facebook fan page!
lukensophie 11:50 AM 03-09-2010
What an awesome giveaway!
mtnharmony 11:51 AM 03-09-2010
I love this idea and being able to promote it via Facebook!
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