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Carseat Chat>Booster for large almost 5 Year Old
Blondie87 12:15 PM 01-28-2010
My DFS is going to be 5 in March. I am thinking about getting him a booster seat with taxes. He's about 60 lbs and not sure exactly on height, I'll measure him in an hour or so when he gets home, but I think it's about 46 inches.

I had him in the Vivo about 9 months ago (he was sleeping)-

The Nautilus and XT around the same time (top slots on both)-

He's prolly grown an inch in torso since then. I don't want the Vivo again. I was thinking the Monterey. Maybe the PW SG. What will fit him best?

Maedze 01:06 PM 01-28-2010
You don't like the Vivo anymore?

Because he's so young, I'd do the PW SG.
Blondie87 01:59 PM 01-28-2010
I don't have the Vivo anymore.. and I don't wanna buy it again..
Kat_Momof3 03:17 PM 01-28-2010
he looks so nice and solid, as well as broad-shouldered... I wish I lived nearby... so I could pop over and let you try him in my Monterey...

but unless you can try before buying, I wouldn't go with the Monterey.

My other choice would be, because of how young he is, to go with the Parkway SG...

I actually don't like the shot of him in the vivo... it looks like his shoulders are squished in it... they wouldn't be if he was taller, because then they could be above the sides of the booster.
Judi 04:07 PM 01-28-2010
I was thinking monterey. He sits well in a booster, very well. I just think that it will offer more SIP than the SG. I am posting from my phone, so can't find the video, but I know there was a video of the monterey in a crash test and I was impressed.

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