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Pixels 07:40 PM 11-27-2009
SIL needs help picking seats for her soon-to-be step-daughters. One is 2yo, she guesses 35 pounds (I doubt she's that heavy, but will be FFing regardless). The other is 4-almost-5 yo, she guesses 50 pounds.

Can anyone help me compare the following seats, especially top harness slots and any funky rules (Apex needs head support):
Graco Nautilus - 65 pounds FFing, converts to decent HBB and backless booster, $135
Evenflo Generations 65 - 65 pounds FFing, converts to poor HBB, $100 BRU exlusive
Evenflo Maestro - 50 pounds FFing, converts to HBB, $75 Sears
Cosco Apex 65 - 65 pounds FFing, requires head support from vehicle, $130

Ease of use also is good.

Anything else I should be looking at?

canadiangie 07:53 PM 11-27-2009
2 Nauti's.

Easy breezy, done.

No funky rules, harnesses for a long time, tall top slots, works well as a booster for most kids.
libranbutterfly 07:55 PM 11-27-2009
That's what I was going to say. It fits littler kids well too.
firemomof3 08:01 PM 11-27-2009
I also agree with 2 Nautilus. I ordered a Maestro a few weeks ago and still have not had a confirmed order or shipment from Sears So, I'm not sure whats going on with those!
DahliaRW 09:01 PM 11-27-2009
Yup, definitely 2 Nautilus.
Pixels 09:55 PM 11-27-2009
I should mention that money is a concern, and they'll be buying two sets of seats (two vehicles).

Perhaps a 40 pound seat for the 2yo for now, and plan on passing down the Nautilus and getting the older girl a booster when the time comes? I would need to get weight on the 2yo confirmed first, but I really, really don't think she's anywhere near 35. 25 is more likely.
autumnlily 11:30 PM 11-27-2009
Target currently has the super cute scenera (apples or trees of some sort) for $45 each. That would be $90 total for the smaller DD. That would help with cutting costs for now. I don't need a new seat... but I really really like that pattern

Overstock.com has a black friday sale of the Daisy Daze Scenera for $28.09... 2 seats for under $60 should help with the GN purchases
Kat_Momof3 09:52 PM 11-28-2009
for wanting ease of use and install.. I'd go with the Nautilus.. hands down.

They look like big kid seats, too, and they come in girl patterns (and you can get matching or get different ones for each girl, depending on what they prefer)... And with that amazing cupholder and the cubbies... she will probably get lots of stepmom points from them for getting those seats.

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